Force Feed Loader AMKODOR WLC12L1

Model D-245.S2
Manufacturer Minsk Motor Plant
Rated engine power, kW 81
Type Hydrostatic Danfoss with electrical system (processor)
Tires 12.00-R20
Type Front and rear steered wheels. “Crab move” and “small swing radius” mode
Steering With hydrostatic drive
Estimated performance, m3/h:
- loading of snow/snow with ice 430/430
Loading height in the vehicle, mm:
- with lowered conveyor end section, minimum 3700
- with raised conveyor end section, minimum 4200
Width of the paw feeder working area, mm 2660±50
Travel speed, km/h:
- operating 0...8
- transport, minimum 28
Operating weight, kg, maximum 9000
Width in transport position, mm 2740±100
Length in transport position, mm 11300±250
Height in transport position, mm 3600±100
Base, mm 3180±20

Municipal machines Division



Force feed loader AMKODOR WLC12L1 is designed for loading fresh snow, compacted snow and chipped ice pre-collected into banks and piles, into vehicles. It is equipped with two controlled drive axles which allow you to confidently move on a snowy road in all-wheel drive mode with the ability to turn on the cross-axle differential lock. The working attachment of the machine consists of a shovel-feeder and a scraper conveyor with a lifting rear section which makes it possible to efficiently supply snow mass and large pieces of compacted snow to the conveyor without scattering to the sides. A fence is installed on the conveyor to prevent the falling of snow blocks.

AMKODOR Holding retains the right to change the technical characteristics and design of the machine presented in this prospectus without prior notice.