Cultivators AMKODOR KSHP-8.5/10, KGP-4.6/6.2, KGN-3.0/3.5, KDL-4, APM-8/10

Wide-Cut Presowing Cultivator KSHP

KSHP-8.5 KSHP-10
Operating width, m 8.5 10
Ripping rack height, mm 600 600
Number of working attachments, pcs. 55 65
Paw print step, mm 150 150
Roller, diameter, mm 530 530
Processing depth, cm 3-14 3-14
Weight, kg 6000 7000
Minimum tractor power, h.p. 250 280
Cultivator of KSHP series is a high-clearance multipurpose unit that, unlike the traditional cultivator with spring shares, is capable of quickly and efficiently performing a wide range of operations: stubble plowing, pre-sowing treatment of any background from classical plowing to sowing in mulch with a fuel consumption of 4.5 l/ha, semi-fallow autumn or spring soil tillage for weed control, moisture closure, tillage of a shaggy field to create a mulch layer, incorporation of liquid organic fertilizers and straw manure, when combined with a pneumatic seeder – green manure.

Agricultural machines and equipment Division

Semiattached Subsoil Cultivator KGP

KGP-4.6 KGP-6.2
Operating width, m 4.6 6.2
Frame height, mm 870 870
Number of working attachments, pcs. 17 23
Paw print step, mm 270 270
Protection of working attachments, kg Spring, resistance force 600 Spring, resistance force 600
Roller, mm Double, diameter 530 Double, diameter 530
Weight, kg 6000 8000
Minimum tractor power, h.p. 220 300
KGP series cultivator is a multipurpose four-row unit designed for stubble plowing, deep non-moldboard tillage, including straw incorporation for fertilizers. The uniqueness of the KGP implements lies in the hydraulic system for adjusting the working depth and with that help it is possible to steplessly adjust the working depth without the need to stop and leave the tractor cabin. Another feature of the KGP units is the ability to change the working width due to the modular design of the frames.

Agricultural machines and equipment Division

Attached Subsoil Cultivator KGN

KGN-3.0 KGN-3.5
Operating width, m 3 3.5
Frame height, mm 870 870
Ripping racks, pcs. 10 12
Paw print step, mm 270 270
Weight, kg 1600 1900
Tractor power, from (h.p.) 120 150
KGN series series cultivator is a multipurpose attached three-row unit designed for stubble cultivation, incorporation of organic fertilizers, deep loosening up to 35 cm, and seedbed preparation. Powerful loosening tines have spring protection and a height of 85 cm which allows the cultivator to be operated at a working depth of up to 35 cm without clogging.

Agricultural machines and equipment Division

Disc-paw Culticator KDL

Operating width, m 4
Frame height, mm 870
Ripping racks, pcs. 11
Ripping rack step, mm 390
Type of working attachments, pcs. Chiesel width 80
Spherical disks, pcs 18
Number of disk rows, pcs. 2
Spherical disk diameter, mm 685
Weight, kg 5600
Tractor power, from (h.p.) 300
Type Semiattached
Soil processing depth, up to (cm) 35
KDL-4 disc-paw cultivator is designed for tillage after harvesting corn, rapeseed, grain and catch crops, fallow fields and fields that have come out from under annual and perennial grasses, as well as deep tillage, to a depth of 35 cm.

Agricultural machines and equipment Division

Multifunctional Soil Tillage Unit APM

APM-8 APM-10
Operating width, m 8 10
Transport dimensions, m 6.9х2.9х3.8 7.5х2.9х3.8
Operating dimensions, m 9.0х8.3х1.6 9.9х10.3х1.6
Frame height, mm 480 480
Number of working attachments, pcs. 32 40
Roller diameter, mm 350 350
Paw print step, mm 250 250
Processing depth, cm 12 12
Tractor power, h.p. 250 300
Weight, kg 6300 7800
APM series cultivator is a multifunctional tillage unit designed to prepare the soil for sowing small seeds, as well as grain and leguminous crops. The unit effectively performs a wide range of operations: pre-sowing tillage, closing moisture, leveling the field surface and soil compaction, weed control, work on the background of cultivation and plowing with a fuel consumption of 4 l/ha, creating a finely cloddy soil structure.

AMKODOR Holding retains the right to change the technical characteristics and design of the machine presented in this prospectus without prior notice.