PTO speed, rpm 1000
Weight, kg, maximum 7500
Operating speed, km/h up to 15
Transport speed, km/h up to 25
Effective width, m (uneven distribution of fertilizers maximum 25%) up to 11
Maximum working width of fertilizer application, m 10-12
Application doses, t/ha from 20 to 60
Carrying capacity, t, maximum 21,0
Track gauge, mm 2340±20
Ground clearance, mm, minimum 400
Complexity of transferring a semi-trailer to another dose of application, pers/ h, maximum 0,08
Availability rate, minimum 0,96
Number of spreading augers, pcs 2
Overall dimensions in transport/operating position, mm, maximum:
– length 9810/9810
– width 2970/2970
– height 3900/3520
Body volume, m3, maximum (without additional sides) 21
- with additional sides, minimum, m³ 38
Fertilizer height with tailgate raised (at discharge of transported material), mm, maximum 4750
Specific wheel soil pressure, MPa, maximum 0,15
Number of personnel required for fertilizer maintenance, pers. 1
Process reliability factor, minimum 0,98
Uneven distribution of fertilizers along working effective width, %, maximum 25
Daily operational service time, h, maximum 0,28
Specific total operational complexity of technical services, pers.-h/h, maximum 0,022
Operation pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa, maximum 15,0
Time to failure, h, minimum 150
Service time, year, minimum 10
Load on trailer hitch , t, maximum 3

Agricultural machines and equipment Division



Dispenser of solid organic fertilizers AMKODOR STS212B is designed for bulk loading, transportation, partial loosening, grinding and subsequent even distribution of solid organic fertilizers over the field surface. 

AMKODOR Holding retains the right to change the technical characteristics and design of the machine presented in this prospectus without prior notice.