Type Vibratory self-propelled double drum articulated
Operating weight, kg 16000±12%
Structural weight, kg 14500±1000
Drum diameter, mm 1400±15
Drum width, mm, maximum 2150±15
Drum linear pressure, kg/cm² 37±5
Width of compacted strip, mm 2150±15
Travel speed, km/h:
- work² 0…6±2
- transport 0…12±4
Minimum swing radius
on the inner track, mm, maximum 5300±300
Minimum gradeability on track, % 28%±5%
Angle of cross-stability, minimum 15°
Vibrator oscillation frequency, Hz 40±5/50±5
Driving force, kN 160±30/130±20
Engine YaMZ 53418-10
Engine rated power, kW 101 kW at 2100 rpm
Hourly fuel consumption, l/h 27,5
Drum wetting system Forced, controlled. Pump with electric drive and electrically controlled stop valve
Number of scrapers Two for each drum
Transmission Hydrostatic
The angle of folding of the frames relative to the longitudinal axis of the roller:
- at turn (without displacement of the half - frame) 34±2°
- with displacement of the half - frame 9±2°
Angle cross swing of the frames 7±2°
Base, mm 3760±50
Overall dimensions, mm:
- length 5000±200
- width 2290±100
- width with edge processing mechanism (option) 2350±100
- height (without flashing light) 3020±50
- height (over flashing light) 3170±50

Construction machines Division



Asphalt Roller AMKODOR RT160A is designed for compaction of asphalt concrete pavements and their crushed stone, gravel, slag bases during the construction and repair of roads, airfields, and industrial sites.

AMKODOR Holding retains the right to change the technical characteristics and design of the machine presented in this prospectus without prior notice.