Mineral Fertilizer Dispenser AMKODOR RMU-10

Dispenser type Semitrailer
Rated carrying capacity, t 9.9
Hopper capacity, m3 8.5
Structural weight, kg 3200
Power consumption, kW 35
Travel speed, km/h:
-when spreading 12
- transport 30
Overall dimensions in transport position, mm:
- length 6650
- width 2550
- height 3250
Track, mm 1950
Number of wheels, pcs. 2
Tires 600/50-22.5
Ground clearance, mm 400
Working pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa 16
PTO speed, rpm 540
Hopper loading side (awning is installed) Right
Loading height on the sides, mm 2650
Number of dispensing discs, pcs. 2
Application quantity, kg/ha 80-1500
Dispenser type Slotted
Working application width, m 10...28
Application rate range, kg/ha 50...1000
Number of service personnel, pers 1
Uneven distribution of fertilizers, %:
- by effective width ±20
- in the travel direction ±10
Deviation from the set application rate, %, maximum ±10
Main time performance, ha/h: 7.2...28.8

Agricultural machines and equipment Division



Mineral fertilizer dispenser AMKODOR RMU-10 is designed for surface application of granular mineral fertilizers into the soil. The supply of fertilizers to the spreading unit is carried out by a supply conveyor driven by transferring the rotation of the trailer wheel to the drive roller. Large loading volume is 8.5 m³ which allows you to work half a shift without reloading. It has increased cross-country ability due to the installation of wide tires.

AMKODOR Holding retains the right to change the technical characteristics and design of the machine presented in this prospectus without prior notice.