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Road Sweeping Machine AMKODOR MV20

Type Hydraulic, Mechanical
Type of base chassis MTZ-82.1, MTZ-92P
Maximum transport speed, km/h 18-1
Rated tractor traction force, kN, min 14
Engine operating power, kW 57.4
Front wheels track 1880
Rear wheels track 1800±80
Tire air pressure, MPa: - front wheels 0,24-0,02
rear wheels 0,18-0,02
Ground clearance, mm, min 300
Minimum swing radius in transport position, m, max 5.0
Operating pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa in the tractor distributor 20-2
in the stem cavities of the hydraulic cylinders of the blade rotation 10-1
Overall dimensions of the machine with the equipment in the transport position, mm
- length, max 6200
- width, max 2500
- height 3100
Weight, kg,max - constructive 4800
- operating 4900
Gradeability on a solid dry track, deg., minimum 13
Blade width, mm, min 2500
Front loading attachment weight, kg, max 700
Blade height, mm, min 700
Blade deepening below reference wheel surface, mm, min 100

Municipal machines Division



Road Sweeping Machine AMKODOR MV20 is designed for mechanized cleaning of roads, streets, sidewalks and industrial areas from sand, garbage and snow.

AMKODOR Holding retains the right to change the technical characteristics and design of the machine presented in this prospectus without prior notice.