AMKODOR «Lileya - 25/5»

Mobile Seed Preparation Line LPS-25/5P «Lileya»

Structure type Trailed
Machine type Mobile
Hopper capacity, m3 5
Overall dimensions, mm:
- length 13400
- width (transport/ operating) 2550/5335
- height (transport/ operating) 4000/4700
Weight, kg 13000
Loading height, mm 2350
Dump height, mm 2600
Ground clearance, mm 240
Tires 385/65-R22.5
Brake system type Pneumatic single-wire
Parking brake Mechanically driven
Transport speed, km/h, maximum 20
Performance per hour of main time on wheat natural weightminimum 760 g/dm3, t/h:
- primary cleaning 25
- seed preparation 5
Installed capacity of electric motors, kW 28.62
Mains voltage, V 380±10%
Current frequency, Hz 50±2
Output of seeds of the main crop to the content in the original material, % 80
Losses of seeds of the main crop to waste, % 20
Grain crushing, % 1.0
Seed contamination Not allowed
Decreased sowing qualities of seeds Not allowed
Formed fractions during seed heap processing Commercial grain or seeds waste
MTBF (failures of II and III complexity groups), h 200
• receiving hopper;
• multipurpose grain separator;
• block of trier cylinders;
• treater (optional);
• transport equipment (bucket elevators, screw conveyors).

Agricultural machines and equipment Division

LPS-25/5P «Lileya»


Mobile seed preparation line LPS-25/5P “Lileya” is designed for cleaning grain, spiked, leguminous and cereal crops in order to obtain commercial grain or seed material – “Lileya” 25/5P design, as well as with the possibility of subsequent seed treatment – “Lileya” 25/5P design. The line allows you to work both in the mode of preparation of seed material, and in the mode of primary (elevator) cleaning of grain, provides excellent seed calibration accuracy and guarantees the preparation of seed material of the maximum quality.

AMKODOR Holding retains the right to change the technical characteristics and design of the machine presented in this prospectus without prior notice.