Ditch Bank Mower AMKODOR К-78М

Type of basic chassis Tractor Belarus of traction class 1.4 Tractor Belarus of traction class 2
Mower type Assembled
Operating speed, m/s (km/h) 0.13-1.3 (0.5-5.0)
Transport speed, km/h, maximum 18
Power consumption from tractor power take-off shaft (PTO), kW, maximum 37.6
Pressure in the hydraulic system limited by a safety valve, MPa, minimum 8
Track, mm, minimum:
- front wheels 1600
- rear wheels 2100
Mower overall dimensions without tractor:
- in operating position, mm, maximum:
а) length 1050
б) width 7300
в) height 1600
Mower weight without tractor, kg, maximum 970
Mower weight with tractor, kg, maximum:
- structural 5000 6620
- operational 5350 6970
Mower overall dimensions with tracroe, mm, maximum:
- in operating position (at the maximum boom reach):
а) length 4000 4700
б) width 7500 7900
в) height 2900 3000
- in transport position:
а) length 4000 4700
б) width 2550 2950
в) height 2900 3000
CUTTING MACHINE 33АP.К-78М.12.00.000
Effective width of working attachment, m 1.6
Maximum performance, ha/h 1.9
Number of rotors, pcs. 3
CUTTING MACHINE 33АP.К-78М.14.00.000
Effective width of working attachment, m 1.75
Maximum performance, ha/h 2.1
Number of rotors, pcs. 4
Effective width of working attachment, m 1.47
Maximum performance, ha/h 1.75
Number of rotors, pcs. 2

Agricultural machines and equipment Division



Ditch bank mower AMKODOR K-78M is designed for mowing herbaceous vegetation, as well as small shrubs which stem diameter does not exceed 20 mm, growing on slopes, dams, drainage and irrigation canals. Due to changeable working attachments, the mower can be used in rural, land reclamation, municipal and road construction industries.

AMKODOR Holding retains the right to change the technical characteristics and design of the machine presented in this prospectus without prior notice.