Snow Blower AMKODOR 9531-03

Snow blower type auger rotor
Minimum swing radius over side knives of the working attachment, m 13.5
Rotor diameter, mm 1220
Rotor speed, rpm 347
Number of rotors, pcs. 1
Number of rotor blades, pcs. 6
Auger diameter, mm 550
Auger speed, rpm 295
Number of augers, pcs. 2
Specific fuel consumption, l / moto / h (depending on snow density, snow throw distance, forward speed) 60
Performance, t/h 1200
Throwing range of the main snow mass, m 35
Max throw distance of individual pieces of snow, m 55
Max snow height cleaned in one pass, m 1.6
Strip width cleaned in one pass, m 2.8
Maximum density of removed snow, t/m3 0.7
Travel speed, m/s (km/h):
- creeper on from 0.093 to 1.87 (from 0.334 to 6.74)
- creeper off from 0.7 to 12.5 (from 2.5 to 45)
Ground clearance under suspension frame, mm, minimum 275
Front overhang angle, degrees, minimum 6
Rear overhang angle, degrees, minimum 15
Type 8 – cylinder V-shaped four-stroke
Brand YaMZ-238ND5
Operating power, kW 220
Fuel tank capacity of the process engine, l 500
Type and brand URAL-4320-1151-61
Wheel formula 6х6
Ecological class Euro 5
Chassis engine power, hp 228
Length, mm 10600
Width, mm 2810
Height, mm, maximum 3300
Unladen snow blower weight with driver-operator, kg 15600
Distribution of mass on the road of unladen snow blower, kg:
- in transport position:
а) front axle 6490
б) rear cart 9120
- in operating position:
а) front axle 4300
б) rear cart 9300

Municipal machines Division

AMKODOR 9531-03


Snow blower AMKODOR 9531-03 is designed to remove snow from highways, runways, taxiways, aircraft parking areas, and can also be used to remove snow banks formed by other snow blowers. The snow blower can operate in all climatic zones at ambient temperatures down to minus 45°C. AMKODOR 9531-03 is a highly efficient snow blowing machine. High transport speed allows you to clean the road surface with maximum efficiency even if it is covered with packed snow.

AMKODOR Holding retains the right to change the technical characteristics and design of the machine presented in this prospectus without prior notice.