Backhoe Loader AMKODOR 732

Model D-245S2
Manufacturer Minsk Motor Plant
Rated power, kW (hp) 81 (110)
Type Hydromechanical
Number of gears, forward/reverse 4/4
Max. travel speed, km/h:
- operating 8
- transport 38
Front wheels 16.0-20
Rear wheels 16/9-R30
Rated carrying capacity, kg 300
Rated bucket capacity, m3 0.18
Bucket lip width, mm 635
Max. digging depth, mm 4600/5570*
Max. digging radius at the standing level, mm 5830/6800*
Max. dump height, mm 4180/4850*
Transverse movement of attachments from the longitudinal axis (right / left), mm 565

* for modification with a telescopic handle of the rear excavator attachment

Length, mm 6000
Width, mm 2400
Height, mm 3800
Track, mm:
- front wheels 1955
- rear wheels 1830
Base, mm 2200
Min. swing radius in transport position (over front wheel / over bucket), mm 5000/6100
Operating weight, kg 9100/9500
Carrying capacity at maximum height, kg 3500
Rated bucket capacity, m3 1.2
Maximum lift force, kg 3300
Bucket lip width, mm 2400
Max. bucket dump height, mm 2730
Bucket lip reach at max. lift height (at a dump angle of 45°/ with an open shell), mm 860/760
Thickness of the cut layer, mm 150
Hydraulic cycle time (lifting / dump / lowering), s 5.35/1/3.6
Hydraulic system of working attachment and steering: 2-pump with adjustable pump of working attachment and separate steering pump
Swing system: front steering axle with hydraulic drive and hydraulic feedback
Service brakes: hydraulically actuated multi-disc brakes in oil of the rear axle
Parking brake system: mechanically controlled single disc brake

Construction machines Division



Backhoe loader AMKODOR 732 is designed to perform the following work when using:

–in loader mode – handling operations with bulk and small-sized materials, transporting these materials over short distances, planning construction sites, backfilling pits, trenches, etc.;

–in excavator (backhoe) mode – earthworks on soils of categories I – IV (digging trenches, open pits, pits) with discharge into vehicles or into a dump. Work on soils of IV category is possible only after preliminary loosening. Backhoe loader AMKODOR 732 can be equipped with a telescopic handle for rear excavator equipment.

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AMKODOR Holding retains the right to change the technical characteristics and design of the machine presented in this prospectus without prior notice.