Backhoe Loader AMKODOR 702ЕА

Base chassis type Tractor Belarus 92П
Rated tractor traction force, kN 14
Diesel operating power, kW 65
Maximum transport travel speed, km/h 18
Gradeability on a solid dry track, deg., minimum 13
Front tires 360/74-R24
Rear tires V18.4-R34
Bucket capacity m3, minimum:
- geometric 0.15
- rated 0.18
Maximum kinematic digging depth, mm 4100
Maximum digging radius at the standing level, mm 5450
Maximum dump height, mm 3500
Swing angle, degrees 170
Duration of the operating cycle at the maximum digging depth, s 25
Attachment weight, kg 1750
In transport position, mm:
- length 7800
- width 2400
- height 3800
With working attachments on the supporting surface, mm:
- length 11400
- width, maximum 2500
- height (over cabin) 2880
Track, mm:
- front wheels 1880
- rear wheels 1800
Ground clearance, mm, minimum 190
Operating weight, kg 7100
Rated carrying capacity, kg 1000
Rated capacity, m3 0.54
Dump height with bucket tipping, mm, minimum 2500
Bucket lip reach at maximum dump height, mm, minimum 700
Bucket dump angle at msx. lift height, deg. 45
Weight of loading attachment, kg, maximum 850

Construction machines Division



Backhoe loader AMKODOR 702EA series is designed for mechanization of handling and earthmoving operations on soils of categories I is IV in constrained conditions and is used in industrial, civil and road construction, utilities and agriculture. The operation of the machine in frozen soils and soils above category IV is possible after preliminary loosening of the soil. The design provides for operation with changeable types of working attachments.
AMKODOR 702EA – basic model – front loading  attachment without an adapter, with a combination bucket, excavation equipment without transverse movement with buckets of various capacities.
AMKODOR 702EA – 01 – front loading  attachment with an adapter and a main or combination bucket.
AMKODOR 702EA – 02 – excavator equipment with clamshell bucket or clamshell grapple.
AMKODOR702EA – 03 – front loading  attachment with an adapter and a main or combination bucket, excavator equipment with a clamshell bucket or clamshell grapple.
AMKODOR 702EA – 05 – excavator-loading  attachment with a telescopic handle, a quick coupler and a narrow bucket.

AMKODOR Holding retains the right to change the technical characteristics and design of the machine presented in this prospectus without prior notice.