Special-Purpose Log Semi-Trailer AMKODOR 2310

Model AMKODOR KF4556
Maximum boom reach, m, minimum 5.6
Carrying capacity at maximum reach, kg, maximum 450
Lifting moment, kNm 32.9
Swing angle:
- columns in horizontal plane, deg., minimum 360
- swing mechanism of the working attachment (rotator) Unlimited
Pressure in the hydraulic system, limited by safety hydraulic distributor valve, MPa 19+1.0
Minimum diameter of captured material, mm 65
Mass of the hydraulic manipulator, kg 750
Model BMF 720 (Estonia)
Maximum boom reach, m 7.2
Lifting moment (gross), kNm 60
Carrying capacity at maximum reach, kg 580
Boom slewing angle, deg 370
Model PALMS 4,70 (Estonia)
Maximum boom reach, m 7
Lifting moment (gross), kNm 47
Carrying capacity at maximum reach, kg 520
Boom slewing angle, deg 370
Semi-trailer One-axle, balanced on four pneumatic wheels, frame structure
Platform Welded, with front guard and conics on sides
Operating weight (with manipulator, with working attachment and swing mechanism of working attachment), kg, maximum 4820
Semi-trailer electrical system, V 12
Length, mm:
- without extension 7290±100
- with extended extension 8140±100
Width, mm 2460±40
Height (over manipulator), mm 3000±100
Rated semi-trailer carrying capacity, kg, maximim 10000
Cargo compartment dimensions, minimum:
- length, mm 5000
- length with extension, mm 5900
- cross-sectional area, m 2.4
Length of transported assortments, m от 2.0 до 6.0
Max. travel speed, km/h:
- on public roads 30
- on forest roads 8
Track, mm 1950±50
Ground clearance, mm 345
Tires 20.0/60-22.5 (or 500/55-17)
Hydraulic system of working attachment: 1-pump from the rear PTO of the aggregating tool
Swing system: swivel drawbar
Service brakes: pad brakes pneumatically driven by an aggregating agent
Parking brake system: pad brake mechanisms of the working brake system, mechanically driven

Forest machines Division 



Special-purpose log semi-trailer AMKODOR 2310 is designed for collecting, loading and transporting assortments and other round timber along the territory of cutting areas, skid roads and logging roads to loading areas, as well as for lhandling operations. The semi-trailer is aggregated with forestry tractors of traction class 2.0.

AMKODOR Holding retains the right to change the technical characteristics and design of the machine presented in this prospectus without prior notice.